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ICT Study Programmes

There are different study paths available as UAS Pathway Studies to Finland.

Each UAS Pathway Programme consists of 60 ECTS study credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). Upon completing the pathway programme, the student is eligible for applying to continue studies in Finland as a Bachelor’s degree student.

There are two UAS Pathway Study Programmes available in ICT. After completing the UAS Pathway Studies (60 ECTS), the student can apply to one of two degree programmes:

1. Bachelor of Engineering (ICT)

2. Bachelor of Business Administration (ICT)

The UAS Pathway Studies (60 ECTS) in ICT consist of the following courses:

Finnish Language and Communication5 ECTS
Orientation to Studies3 ECTS
Welcome to Finland2 ECTS
Build Up Your English5 ECTS
Basics of Programming5 ECTS
Basics of Mathematics5 ECTS
Basics of Data Security5 ECTS
Data Networks and Telecommunication5 ECTS
Databases5 ECTS
Basics of Project Work5 ECTS
Modern Software Development5 ECTS
Basics of Business Life5 ECTS
Basics of Linux5 ECTS

The ICT programmes are available at the following Universities of Applied Sciences:

If you have any questions about the ICT programmes, you can contact Pekka Silvén (

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