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UAS Pathway Studies to Finland

The UAS Pathway Studies to Finland program, provided by the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Finland, offers applicants a convenient way to gain admission to degree programmes in Finland. 

The UAS Pathway Studies are ideal for those interested in pursuing Bachelor’s degrees in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and International Business (IB).

How Does It Work?

Apply to a study programme and start studying at home. You’ll study online in English with experienced Finnish teachers.

After the first year (60 ECTS credits), you will have a chance to join us in Finland and complete your Bachelor’s degree in 2-4 years.

Opportunities in numerous fields await you after graduating. Take part in internship programs and start building your future.

The UAS Pathway Studies to Finland consist of 60 ECTS, which are taught online in English by experienced Finnish UAS teachers. Afterwards, you can apply to continue your studies in Finland as a degree student.

The pathway studies are fully accredited as part of your degree. In practice this means that you’ll be able to continue your studies in Finland as a second year student if you decide to apply.

The degrees are taught in English at selected Universities of Applies Sciences in Finland, and the universities have reserved a number of study places exclusively for successful graduates of the UAS Pathway Studies to Finland program.  

Tuition fee for the UAS Pathway Studies to Finland program (60 ECTS) is 6,000 EUR (including VAT).

There are UAS Pathway programmes available in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and International Business (IB).

The first application period has now ended, and the results have been sent out to applicants on June 16. Please check your email as well as spam-mail.
There will also be a second application period from July 25 to August 17.

The UAS Pathway Finland Team is now on summer holiday! You can reach us again after July 25, 2022. We wish you all a pleasant and relaxing summer and look forward to seeing you online in September for your studies.

The study period is September 2022 – June 2023.

You can find more detailed information about the programmes and admissions below.


June 16, 2022: Admission Results Are Now Out

May 24, 2022: The First Enrollment is Ending Soon

Apr. 11, 2022: The Application Period Has Begun

Apr. 8, 2022: What is the UAS Pathway program?

More Information is coming soon!

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